Types of Seals

5 types of seals and why you should use them and 3 tips for using them safely.

These clever stamps are very well designed. The steel band threads through the stamp and forms a loop. The loop surrounds the load. This type of strapping is suitable for round or regularly shaped loads. The band tightens and the seal tightens as the loop tightens. This type of connection is high strength and can withstand high loads.

Another brilliant idea. This type of sealing is used in combination with sealing tools or machines. Chargers can be stacked and then used with strapping machines. These stamps are also durable.The advantage here lies in the application of stamps using stamp feed technology.

This type of seal is very popular. This type of seal can help maintain belt alignment under tension. The seal sits on top of the overlapping straps and is tightened after the load has been tensioned to the correct tension. One of the great advantages of this type of sealer is how quickly it can be applied.

These seals are excellent but require more preparation. They must first be threaded onto the tape. They are also useful for larger strap sizes.In fact, they can be used on belts up to 2 inches. If the stamps are tight, you can score them twice or fold them twice.They, like the other seals, must be placed on the overlapping straps before tightening.

These steel seals are lined on the inside with a non-slip surface. A bit like sandpaper. When the fasteners are tightened, this extra layer of adhesive adheres firmly to the load. This can help maintain the seal and protect the load during an impact.Under normal circumstances, an impact could loosen the seal and release the load.Micro grips are designed to help in such situations.

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