Types of steel strapping

Bright steel strapping – Cold rolled full hard SAE1012 material, sizes ranging from 10mm – 32mm wide and 0.6mm – 0.8mm in thickness

Galvanised steel strapping – Galvanised steel strapping ISQ230 or ISQ550 material and sizes ranging from 10mm – 32mm wide and 0.6mm – 1.6mm in thickness

High Tensile painted and waxed steel strapping – Black coated steel strapping is high tensile for extra strength and coating for corrosion purposes, sizes ranging from 13mm – 32mm wide and 0.64mm – 0.8mm in thickness

All the strapping will use a seal to secure it correctly, with a tensioner and crimper

PET strapping

Pet strapping is a very strong plastic strapping where in certain areas can replace steel strapping at a fraction of the cost. Sizes are from a 12mm x 0.5 – 25mm x 1.6mm thick

Pet strapping can be used with wire buckles, serrated seals or a friction welding tool battery or pneumatic.

Polyprop strapping

Polyprop strapping comes in sizes from a 6mm up to a 19mm and mainly used for light applications.

Polyprop strapping can be used with your hand and buckle up to semi auto and fully auto machines

Polywoven strapping

Polywoven strapping is Yarn which is stitched together to from strapping with widths from 13mm – 32mm with breaking strengths from 300kg up to 2tons.

Polywoven strapping is used with a tensioner and wire buckles to get it secured correctly