The Poly Tensioner is used for Polyprop, Polywven and PET strapping.

The feedwheel tensioner is for steel strapping from 19mm wide up to 32mm wide strapping.

The Stainless steel tensioner is used for stainless steel strapping, it tensions and cuts.

The Heavy duty cutter is for heavy duty steel cutting up to 1mm thick.

The rack and pinion tensioner is for steel strapping from 13mm up to 32mm wide.

Different size crimpers for different size steel strapping which you use, we have 13mm,16mm,19mm and 32mm.

ITA21 battery operated tool is for PET strapping from 16mm x 0.6 up to 19mm x 1mm.

ITA30 is a manual sealess tool from13mm x 0.5 up to 19mm x 0.64