Poly Woven Straps 

Types of businesses that might use steel strapping include wood manufacturing and processing, steel and concrete manufacturing, and scaffolding companies. This is the type of industry that needs a lot of voltage for heavy loads and products and for long distances.

So the reasons for using woven polyethylene strapping are obvious! Easier to use, safer to handle, gentler on your product and the biggest benefit is that
is one of the few types of strapping that can be retightened. When Of course, attaching the tape to packages such as suitcases and other items that move a lot also tends to cause the tape to move.

This can cause the strap to lose some of its tension. We can tighten polyester fabric at any time! There is no need to detach and reattach the tape. For that reason alone, there are some definite savings in using polyester fabric over steel, as well as all of the other great benefits mentioned above.

Benefits of Poly Woven Straps 

Reduced Environmental Impact

The overall environmental impact of poly woven strapping is much lower than that of steel. This is because poly woven materials are extruded from raw resins during manufacture. On the other side of the coin, steel must be forged and requires large amounts of energy. Woven ribbons are easily recycled to make another set of ribbons. This reduces environmental impact and waste. In addition, poly fabric reduces the overall weight of the load because it is lighter. This saves fuel when transporting goods.

Greater security benefits

Polyester strapping is safer to handle than steel strapping. Compared to rolls of the same length, the woven poly tape is significantly lighter. Polywoven offers users and fabricators increased safety as it does not have the sharp edges typically found on steel belts. The blunt edges of the polyethene webbing straps prevent cuts and damage to gloves, skin and forklift tires.

Once the straps have been removed, workers can simply collect the used polyethene webbing straps and discard them. in closed recycling programs.

Higher performance and durability

Polyester strap is formulated to have properties similar to steel and offers many performance benefits. It has memory and excellent stretch that helps the straps stay taut as the load contracts and expands. These properties help the straps absorb shock without breaking or losing load-bearing capacity. Polywoven is the best choice for loads that shrink and settle due to the weather. This elongation and strength property is ideal for wood loads. Polywoven is weather-resistant even when stored outdoors