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Polypropylene Strapping

Strapping also referred to as pallet wrapping, bundling or banding, is the process of applying a strap to bundle item(s) together. Strapping is used across many different industries and is commonly used when shipping large items to keep them contained while in transit. Strapping is used manually or with the aid of a strapping machine like a straping dispenser or a sealless straping tool. 

Strapping comes in many different types and materials. When deciding which strapping to purchase it’s important to consider things like what you will be using it for, and the weight of the load you will be strapping. If you’re shipping large industrial items for example then you will need a more heavy duty type of strapping.

With a variety of different options available, it can be confusing when deciding which type of strapping is going to be the most suitable. We’ve covered some of the most common types of strapping and their benefits to help you make the best decision.

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene Strapping is one of the more popular types of strapping. It’s an economical material designed for light to medium bundling which is available in various colours, widths and thicknesses. As it’s light and versatile, it’s ideal for sealing and securing lighter loads. With elastic properties, it’s less likely to deform or corrode so suited for situations where loads or pallets may be stored for long amounts of time.


  • It is the cheapest strapping material currently available on the market
  • It is light which is ideal for light packaging
  • It has a high elongation
  • It is easy to apply and can be done directly by hand
  • Very safe to work with
  • Insensitive to weather conditions
  • Environmentally friendly and very easy to recycle

Things to Consider:

  • Cannot hold the tension for long
  • Can only be used for light packaging

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