Polyester Strapping Benefits 

Polyester Composite Material

Polyester Composite Strap is also known as “synthetic steel”. The composite tape is made of filaments embedded in polyester and has good abrasion resistance and strength. It is increasingly being used in place of steel because it is lighter, more corrosion resistant and safer to use. Unlike its steel counterpart, it is also weather resistant in hot/cold climates. The excellent shape memory of the material enables the strapping to accommodate flexible
products such as wood, without losing tension or damaging the strapped product.
Composite polyester attaches with a steel buckle and requires only a manual tensioning tool and light cutters, making it faster and more convenient than steel.


Hot-melt Polyester

Hot-melt Polyester Tape consists of parallel strands of adhesive-bonded hot-melt polyester thread. Hotmelt is a thermoplastic combination of polymers, resins and waxes that cures faster and emits fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than solvent-based liquid adhesive. This makes it a more environmentally friendly alternative. Corded polyester strapping with hot melt adhesive is a safe alternative to steel strapping and offers a very high breaking strength of corded polyester strapping absorbs shock to prevent shifting of the load during transit.
Unlike steel strapping, polyester does not rust and is much safer to use. Hot melt polyester is a popular and economical choice for hand strapping and baling of non-abrasive products such as paper and cardboard. The softness and flexibility reduce the risk of damage to products and boxes. However, its use is not recommended if the product has sharp edges; see woven or composite strapping instead.


Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric provides a high level of product strength and durability. The polyester thread cross strands are coated with cold glue to improve the rigidity of this belt and the strength of the system. Woven strapping offers increased abrasion and shear resistance, with a small cut in the strap edge stretching in width under tension, making it suitable for shipments with jagged edges. It is usually used to secure medium to heavy items, giving the product good reliability. Woven polyester strapping has an excellent ability to withstand any applied stress over a long period of time and is less susceptible to stress relaxation caused by various variables such as: B. the ambient temperature.
It also does not lose as much tension as steel belt systems with loads that compress or contract. Woven polyester is a cost effective and safer alternative to steel strapping as it offers bi-directional strength and split resistance for harsher environments and is suitable for securing heavy loads.


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