Polyester Cord Strapping

Cord strap has established itself as an effective alternative to steel strapping materials. Whether it is the rigidity of composite strapping or the durability of heavy duty woven strapping, cord strap eliminates many of the hazards of steel strapping. The soft and flexible texture of the cord strapping protects the most sensitive products. It is safe on virtually all surfaces, does not corrode, rust, or stain products, and will not damage forklift tires.

Polyester cord strap has smooth edges and is nonabrasive so it makes it ideal for hand applications. This strapping can be hand tied or applied using inexpensive strapping tools, thus eliminating expensive tool repairs. Polyester cord strap is also five times lighter than steel strapping allowing for ease and flexibility of use.

Cord Strapping Definitions:

General Cord Strapping Advantages:

  • Less expensive than steel strapping
  • Safer to use, handle and dispose
  • Up to four time lighter, making it easier to carry
  • Clean, will not stain or rust
  • Elastic memory keeps loads tight
  • Non-abrasive, non-marring
  • Requires one tool to tension
  • Can be hand tied in some cases
  • Edge guards may not be needed
  • AAR approved sizes available

Polyester Cord Strapping and Accessories

Polyester cord strapping is manufactured from woven polyester fibers, yielding one of the strongest non-metal strapping materials available. It can be applied with hand tools, using buckles or seals, or it can be tied. In addition to the standard sizes, we feature several specialty products. P40T is a medium duty strap used extensively in the marine and agricultural industry. 65W-HD and 125WX-HD are used in numerous applications in place of steel and are AAR approved. Color coding and printing is available on all polyester cord at a moderate surcharge. Please contact customer service or your sales representative for details.

Types of Polyester Cord Strapping

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