The important role of seals and buckles in your packaging needs

To secure packaging securely, there is virtually nothing better could wear as seals and buckles. These are simple tools that have come in many forms for thousands of years. They consist of two buckles for a belt and something to keep them secure. We give you all the information about packaging seals and buckles, their type and their ideal applications and uses. A wide range of equipment with manual, self-loading and programmed activity is used in the packaging industry.

Be that as it may, virtually all use tie-down buckles and seals to secure drawstring closures (steel, polyester, polypropylene, or rope lugs).


There are also a variety of types of strapping seals. It is therefore important to know their differences.

Thread on seal.

Thread seals should be pre-screwed over flange locks before tightening.

The joint is covered by closing the seal. These are generally used with large and awkward loads such as large packages and stacks of various types.

Pressure seal.

Compression seals are perhaps the most commonly used seals for transporting a load. They can be applied before or after fixing the tab.

They are placed on the ends covering the tabs and can be knotted with electric or manual instruments.

Serrated Seal. Serrated seals have small tooth-like parts that grip the whip to create extra friction. It's important if you don't need to move the tabs unless they're too tight.

NE stack Seal.

NE stack metal stamps have interlocking prongs that allow them to be held together in a stack. They are expressly equipped with modern instruments. They are also designed to fit the controlled hardware loader, ensuring a consistent connection for mechanical production.


A strap buckle is a piece of wire twisted in a unique pattern. Wire buckles are made from steel wire treated with a
corrosion resistant coating.

The strength of the fixation depends on the chosen thickness of the buckle and its function. Plastic buckles are also used for strapping, but only for light loads.

Phosphate-coated wire buckle. Most commonly used in modern conditions, phosphate coated wire buckles are used to obtain polyline tabs. The phosphate coating offers extra grip and high connection strength to achieve enormous loads.

These buckles are designed to be intense, reliable and incredibly easy to use. They are also prepared for all weather conditions.

Galvanized wire buckle. Galvanized wire buckles are also suitable for polyline connections. These are zinc plated steel buckles to prevent rust and erosion.

Used for packaging, recycling, waste disposal, etc.

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