Types of Seals

5 types of seals and why you should be using them and also 3 tips on using them safely.

These clever seals are very well designed. The steel strapping is threaded through the seal and forms a lasso. The lasso goes around the load. This type of strapping suits loads that are round or regular shaped.

The strapping is pulled tight and the seal is forced tighter as the lasso constricts. This type of seal is high strength and can take high tension.

Another brilliant idea. This type of seal is used in combination with sealing tools or machinery. The magazines can be stacked and then used with power strapping machines. These seals are also high strength.

The advantage here is the way the seals are applied using seal feeding technology.

This type of seal is very common. This type of seal can help maintain strap alignment as the straps are tensioned. The seal is situated on the overlapping straps and tightened after the correct tension has been applied to the load.

One of the great advantages of this type of seal is the speed with which it can be applied.

These seals are excellent but they require more preparation. They require threading onto the strapping first. They are also useful for larger strap sizes.

In fact, they can be used on straps up to 2 inches. When the seals are tightened you can double notch or double crimp them.

Like the other seals, they also need to be positioned on the overlapping straps before tightening.

These steel seals are coated on the inside with a high grip surface. A little bit like sandpaper. When the seals are tightened this additional layer of grip attaches itself firmly to the load.

This can help to maintain the seal and protect the load during impact. Under normal circumstances, an impact could displace the seal and liberate the load.

Microgrips are designed to help in situations like that.

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