Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is becoming a lesser-used option, but has historically been utilized in mostly railroad-shipped applications. It is required by the government (Association of American Railroads) for railroad transport where the load is not held within a container.

There are a few AAR-approved PP or PET strapping options available, so if you prefer one of these, inquire with us about your options! Few places use steel for packaging that cannot use PP or PET strapping. Most steel strapping is made of stainless steel.

When bent at a right angle, like wrapping around the edges of a pallet, for example, steel strapping loses half of its strength.

Best Uses For Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is the oldest and most heavy-duty of the top 3 strapping material options. It is best used in heavy-duty applications. Steel does not expand or contract with the load, once it is secured, it stays!

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We Also Supply the Following Products:

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Our Value Added Products Are:

Imported High Tensile Coated Steel Strapping for The Local and Export Market
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Steel, Pet and Polywoven Dispenser Units with Or without Spring Balancers
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